Did someone say Jello?!?

I love jello, but it has to be the good kind with quality ingredients, not the highly processed kind with added sugars, artificial colors and flavors. Gelatin has a number of health benefits. Eating gelatin regularly supports connective tissue, collagen production, digestive health, hair, skin and nails as well as joints…even more reasons to enjoy it! 1 cup strawberry puree … Continued

Tired all the time? It could be your adrenals…

Tired all the time? It could be your adrenals… In March of 2014 the Miami Herald ran an article entitled “Chronic Stress is Linked to the Six Leading Causes of Death.” That isn’t surprising as stress has long been associated with health issues. Physiologically, the adrenal glands are designed to handle and react to stress … Continued

I’m bananas for this banana muffin recipe…

Sometimes we need a little variation to our daily food choices…but the choices still need to be healthy and quick. A patient shared this recipe with me; it is a great option for a quick and healthy muffin on the run!   1 smashed banana 1/2 cup nut butter (almond or natural peanut nutter) 1 … Continued

Let’s talk about Leaky Gut

So many people are dealing with food sensitivities and digestive issues these days, it seems that there has to be a reason why. Leaky gut is a common issue that natural health care practitioners are seeing more and more everyday. Here are some facts that will help you understand why so many people are struggling … Continued