How sturdy is your frame?

Your frame (or skeletal structure) is very important to your overall health. Today, people’s frames are compromised more than ever. Because of modern farming practices, environmental toxicity, sugar, soda pop consumption and processed foods, people are not as well mineralized as past generations. As a result, bones are brittle, joints wear out easily and ligaments are weak. 

The good news is there are ways you can improve the health of your frame. 

One of the easiest things to do is to consume bone broth weekly. (click here for the recipe) Add it to soups or eat it alone. Bone broth is extraordinarily rich in protein and is a great source of minerals.

Secondly, you can supplement whole food bone support. There are options in both pill and powder form that are excellent for building strong bones. If you are over 50, consuming bone broth weekly or supplementing is an absolute must. Don’t waste your time with bone scans, we know bones become osteoporotic as we age. We don’t need to study aging, it is normal. 

Thirdly, exercise especially rebounding makes you more dense and helps hold you together better. Benefits of rebounding include improvements in posture, mobility and balance. In addition, rebounding reduces fear of falling and osteoporosis. Moreover, it stimulates lymphatic function and improves your immune system. 

(For an informative video about rebounding click here. Please note: Quality matters when choosing a rebounder. For my personal rebounding brand recommendations click here and here.)

Lastly, drugs for osteoporosis like Fosomax and Boniva (bisphosphonates) cause bones to become glass-like in five years, increasing fragility and the likelihood of breaks. 

One study ( found they ‘significantly increase the risk of atypical bone fractures the longer the drugs were taken.  Shockingly, not only was the risk tremendously increased, it was found to be increased in a linear fashion’.

For additional information on the drawbacks of bisphosphonates click here:

The solutions for improving your frame are as simple as eating bone broth weekly or supplementing daily as well as exercising, especially rebounding. 

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Investing in your health is worth it and it is never too late to start.

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