Hair Loss from Covid?

More and more people have been sharing that hair loss can be a side effect of COVID. Regardless of the cause, if someone is losing their hair it’s a major concern. 

Hair loss is considered a stress induced condition and can be caused by all kinds of stress like an autoimmune disease, poor diet, post-surgery, postpartum, and now COVID.

Chronic stress resets the nervous system toward sympathetic dominance and sets the stage for the fight or flight pattern where multiple mechanisms are affected; the microbiome changes, pH changes, digestion changes, leaky gut issues, cortisol rises and eventually falls.

For example, stress of illness affects hydrochloric acid production. In one study, healthy college students were assessed for hydrochloric acid (HCL). Once baseline levels were established, everyone got the flu. Since they had the baseline data, they decided to see how long it would take to return to baseline levels of HCL. For some of the students, it took 2 years to return to normal. This shows how the stress of infection can cause digestive issues.

If you are not digesting protein, you are not growing healthy hair. To have healthy hair growth, we need at least 3 things: digestible protein, vitamins and minerals or cofactors to support energy production and the appropriate hormones. I say digestible because if you are not digesting properly, it won’t do you any good.

(For more information about HCL click here

So while most people want a cream or a supplement to help with hair loss, it really is about balancing the body and returning to homeostasis.

If you are dealing with hair loss from COVID or otherwise call the office today 517 721 1904.

There are a lot of options we can use to help bring your body back into balance. 

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