Alkaline vs. Acidic body – How to Know If You’re Too Alkaline or Too Acidic? 

Most people who have heard of the alkaline diet, believe it is necessary to follow in order to prevent or treat cancer. (For more information and a quick explanation from Dr. Darren Schmidt of the Nutritional Healing Center click here.) The truth is being alkaline isn’t the whole story. In fact, as we age being more acidic helps with joint stiffness, flexibility, allergies and digestion.The key is balance. Check out the lists below to see if you are too acidic or too alkaline. 

(Symptoms based on blood pH)

Too Acid

Chest pain




Muscle weakness

Bone pain

Joint pain

Air hunger

Too Alkaline

Muscle twitches


Muscle spasms

Muscle weakness


Muscle pain

Difficulty breathing 


You may find that you have both acid and alkaline symptoms and are unable to determine whether you are too acidic or too alkaline. A simple thing to do is to drink 2Tbsp of apple cider vinegar (with the mother) in a few ounces of water and see if some of the alkaline issues clear up. Conversely, if you are too acidic take some calcium lactate and see if some of the acid symptoms clear up. Those are both simple and easy ways to help bring your body chemistry into balance. 

If you want more information about body chemistry there is a 157 question health assessment available at the office that can help determine what is going on with your body.

Please contact the office 517-721-1904 if you are interested or have questions. 

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