Low Energy? Your Thyroid or Adrenals Could be the Reason

People commonly come in to see me for help with energy. Nine times out of ten the source of the problem is related to the thyroid or the adrenals and in today’s world that isn’t too surprising.

Stress is a key component that overtaxes the adrenals. Similarly, when the adrenals are stressed, so is the thyroid. The thyroid, incidentally, is extremely susceptibleto imbalance because of the chemicals in the water, namely chlorine and fluoride.

Underactive thyroid and adrenal symptoms actually look very similar and, unfortunately, when one is out of balance, usually the other is as well. Below are symptoms associated with both hypothyroidism and hypoadrenalism.

Hypoadrenal Symptoms:

-Weakness and fatigue

-Chronic fatigue

-Low blood pressure

-Ridged or weak nails

-Tendency for hives

-Arthritic tendencies

-Perspiration increase

-Bowel disorders

-Poor circulation

-Swollen ankles

-Crave salt

-Brown spots or bronzing of skin


-Weakness after colds/flus

-Exhaustion muscular/nervous

-Respiratory disorders

Hypothyroid Symptoms

-Increase in weight gain

-Decrease in appetite

-Fatigue easily

-Ringing in the ears

-Sleepy during the days

-Sensitive to cold

-Dry or scaly skin


-Mental sluggishness

-Hair coarse or falls out

-Headaches upon arising wear off as the day goes on

-Slow pulse, below 65

-Frequency in urination

-Impaired hearing

-Reduced initiative

If you or someone you know are dealing with fatigue and want to resolve the problem instead of just masking it, please give me a call today at 517 721 1904 to start on the path to total health restoration!

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