The Salt of the Earth

There is a lot of confusion about salt today. There are two kinds of salt: refined and unrefined, also know as table salt and sea salt. There is a huge difference between refined table salt and unrefined sea salt.

Refined salt has had its minerals removed and has been bleached to give it the white appearance. It is the fine, white salt that is available at almost any restaurant or grocery store.

Refined salt can drive up blood pressure, cause dehydration as well as water retention.

In addition, it has been bleached and exposed to many toxic chemicals and has aluminum in it. The refining process has made it a toxic, devitalized substance that should be avoided.

Unrefined salt, on the other hand, has not been through the harsh chemical process refined salt has been and as a result contains the natural trace minerals that are an original part of the product.

Its mineral content gives it a distinct color. The colors of unrefined salt can vary depending on where it is taken from. It is the minerals in unrefined salt that provide all the benefits of this product. The minerals supply the body with over 80 trace elements needed to maintain and sustain health. These minerals help lower blood pressure, reduce water retention and balance electrolytes. In fact, adding sea salt to your dinking water daily can help keep you stay hydrated….and remember if you are thirsty you are already dehydrated. In addition, sea salt nourishes the adrenals and can support you when stress is high.

Unrefined, non-iodized sea salt (or real salt) should be your salt of choice as it is a vital ingredient that needs to be part of everyone’s diet. So be sure the next time you reach for salt it is non-iodized, unrefined sea salt.


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