How to stop worrying

Scientific research suggests that stress and worry can negatively affect one’s health. As much as it is a great idea to stop worrying, most people can’t or don’t know how to stop. Not long ago a patient suggested a blog to me by Mira Kelley called “How to stop worrying”. I have summarized the key points below. I hope it helps you deal with life’s daily stress. Enjoy!

Step 1: Notice

First, decide that you will catch yourself when you start worrying. Giving yourself this suggestion will have the result of automatically alerting you as soon as you start worrying.

Step 2: What If?

Second, ask yourself “What if the best possible outcome happens instead”? Remember, the future is a probability. The future is created by the thoughts, feelings and expectations you offer in the present moment. As you say, “What if…” and imagine the possible joy, fun and successes, feel that warm wave of trust, faith and love spread over you.

Step 3: Fear is Faith in the Negative

Third, remind yourself that when you are projecting your fears into the future you are placing 100% of your faith in their manifestation. Your ability to have faith is built into your being. You simply need to consciously direct the focus of the power of faith. Ask yourself, “Where am I placing my trust”? When you trust your fears, you are investing all of your creative power of expectation, visualization and projection into the negative. That is a misplaced use of faith.

Step 4: Decide Not to Worry 

The fourth step is the most important one. And it is so powerful that if in the moment of anxiety you forget the second and the third steps, this one alone will carry you through and save the day for you.  Resolve that you will not worry for a specific period of time. That period of time could be the rest of the day, the next few hours, or the next 15 minutes. It is important that the time period is a reasonable one—a period that you know you can handle.

Small Steps. Simple changes. Big results.


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