Road Map for a Healthy Holiday

The Holiday Season is upon us. For those who are interested in having a healthier holiday season here are some tips to follow:

  1. Plan ahead. When you are going to a family gathering or a holiday party and know that the food isn’t going to be healthy, be sure to have a snack or lite meal beforehand. That way you can eat lite and snack on veggies or appetizers without completely blowing your diet.
  2. Write it down. If you want to avoid the holiday BULGE, be sure you record what you are eating and drinthanks-giving-turkey-hd-picking. Awareness around what you eat is the first step toward improved health. This also gives you accountability and reduces the surprise factor if your waistline expands :/
  3. Watch your sugars! This is important for all people regardless of their current weight or health status. Sugar is an edible toxin, so keeping the amount you eat to a minimum is very important. If you are a baker, use alternative sugars when you are baking to keep things healthier. My favorite alternatives include: coconut sugar, honey, blackstrap molasses and maple syrup. I also substitute almond or coconut flour for wheat flour.
  4. Use real ingredients. In addition to healthier options for sugar, another good rule of thumb is use real ingredients like butter and lard instead of Crisco or margarine. Real food is always the best choice!
  5. Keep it simple. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for two reasons: 1. I love a holiday based around giving thanks and 2. I LOVE THE FOOD! It is delicious and healthy! When I host Thanksgiving I keep it very simple, especially with the side dishes. Some of my favorite recipes include roasted squash with butter with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg; butter sautéed brussel sprouts with toasted pecans and dried cranberries; cranberry sauce with orange zest, pecans and sweetened with honey; and of course an organic turkey with buttered basted golden skin…YUM!

There are more of my favorite holiday recipes under my recipe tab.

Also if you are local, please join us at the office on December 1st from 5-7P for a “Healthy Holiday Open House.” The address is 3400 Pinetree Rd Ste. 101 Lansing. See you soon!

Small Steps. Simple changes. Big results.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


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