The Conscious Consumer

For me, being interested in health and wellness doesn’t just stop at buying organic food. I am an advocate of supporting local businesses, American made products, fair trade items and companies who are environmentally responsible.

As a conscious consumer, I believe that voting with your dollar is as important (if not more so) than voting at the polls. The reason being, America is a capitalistic society and for corporations, it is always about the bottom line. That is why supporting companies that are socially and environmentally responsible is extremely important to me.

I have put together a list of conscious companies that are either American made or prioritize international fair trade standards as well as minimal impact on the environment. The list is in no way complete but it is a good place to start if you too are inspired to become a conscious consumer.

Conscious Companies Include:

Between the Sheets
Blue Canoe
Hanky Panky
Karen Kane
Bed head Clothing
Threads for Thought
Be good
Thee dots
People tree
AG Denim
Paige Denim
New Balance

For more information see reference article:

Happy shopping!

Yours in health,


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