Working one-on-one with Jennifer

How does the testing work?
By using various muscle testing techniques I am able to analyze the body to determine the underlying causes of symptoms. The method is based on finding the underlying cause of the problem and giving the body the proper tools to heal itself.

What can I expect in the first visit?
The first step involves a full health history, symptom survey and the muscle testing itself. The actual procedure is simple and direct, with your body providing all the information and feedback needed. By using the innate ability of the human cells and tissues, health is restored.

What are you testing for?
The objective is to determine a weak or strong arm based on the body’s neurological reflexes. These reflexes are the nervous systems way of communicating how the organs are doing, as the nervous system regulates the body’s functions. The testing includes organs, glands, joints and muscles.

Why does my arm go weak?
Energy flows throughout the body. It is how the nervous system communicates and controls the body’s functions. In order to test, the practitioner contacts the extended arm with one hand while contacting a specific reflex area with the other. If the tested reflex is stressed the nervous system responds by reducing energy to the extended arm and sends it to the stressed organ or body part.  This will causes the extended arm to go weak, indicating stress or dysfunction in that area, which may be adversely affecting the overall health of the body. Once the underlying cause of the dysfunction is corrected by using proper nutrition the “weak” muscle response in your arm will be strong. Since I use your body and nervous system for analysis it is faster and often more accurate than lab tests.  Additionally, there are no expensive machines, no drugs, surgery, needles or lab fees to cover.

How soon will I see improvement?
Although every case is different, clinically I have seen results as fast as 1-4 weeks. The closer one follows the recommendations, the faster the results.

How good do I have to be on this program?
Chronic health problems do not develop overnight, they develop years before they become a problem. Moreover, given the world we live in today, it isn’t uncommon to see additional issues from chemicals, metals, radiation, pollutants and other environmental toxins. Chronic problems and disease start in the body years before symptoms or blood work indicate something is wrong. Keep in mind that symptoms are the last thing to show up and the first thing to go away, once symptoms are gone it takes the body time to repair at the cellular level. The sooner and more diligent you are about taking control of your health, the faster you will see results. Your success is contingent on your commitment and willingness to change. As a practitioner, it is almost impossible to out-supplement a poor diet, thus if the diet is poor, the results will be much slower.

Do I really need supplements?
I often tell people that in terms of a ratio, supplements are 30% and diet is 70%. Being consistent with both is the best way to get the fastest results. When I first started seeing clients, I only advised people on better food choices; as a result, my success rate was abysmal. The reason for this was because food alone doesn’t bring change fast enough for people who are dealing with symptoms. Plus most people in America are nutrient deficient to some degree, in cases of deficiency it is almost impossible to eat enough food to correct the imbalance. So, when dealing mineral and vitamin deficiencies, toxicity, hormonal imbalances, immune dysfunction, emotional stress, pain and digestive issues, supplementation is required to get noticeable results fast.

In terms of foods and toxicity, today’s world is not the same as it was even 30 years ago. We are dealing with nutrient depleted soil, GMO’s and exposure to an unknown number of chemicals on a daily basis. Those factors alone make supplementation necessary for people to get and stay healthy.

How do I know I will get better?
There are some tough cases out there, and I don’t pretend to have all the answers. That said, the attitude and the mindset of the patient are the single most important determinants in their case. The difference between success and failure is the attitude of the patient. If you don’t trust your practitioner, find someone you do believe in because otherwise your lack of faith, lack of trust and lack of belief will undermine your treatment regardless of what it is. That said, over 95% of the people I work with clinically get better and report an improvement in their health.

When will I be be finished seeing you?
The answer to this question is simple, just like a car, your body will always need maintenance. The good news is the better care you take of your body the less maintenance you need. Without proper maintenance, problems can occur. In addition, the older we get the more likely it is that things will need to be ‘tuned up’. If you neglect to care for your body, you have a greater chance that something can go wrong. People who have been working with me for a while, generally see me once every 4-6 weeks to get checked and have their programs adjusted.

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