Natural Toothpaste

Skip the toxic ingredients (like triclosan, fluoride and GMO’s) and make your own natural toothpaste! I have used this recipe for over five years feel very comfortable recommending it–BUT also strongly recommend flossing daily, drinking green drinks regularly and avoiding sugar (especially soda) to keep your teeth healthy. Oil pulling is also a great option to keep teeth white and reduce oral bacteria.

What you need:
Baking Soda
Unrefined golden sesame oil
10-15 drops of clove or peppermint essential oil

Put baking soda into a medicine cabinet size bottle (1 oz). Use a bottle of the same size for the sesame oil, only be sure it has a dropper top. Add the sesame oil and essential oil of your choice to the bottle with the dropper top.

To use:
Sprinkle baking soda on your tooth brush, then drizzle sesame oil/essential oil mix on top. Brush as usually.



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