Can you help me save my ovary?

Question: Can Nutrition Response Testing help shrink ovarian cysts?

Answer: Yes!

Recently a patient of mine was told by her OBGYN that she had a 5mm cyst on her ovary. After experiencing, painful periods, cramping and heavy bleeding, her M.D told her if it didn’t shrink in six weeks she would need to have the ovary removed. Not wanting to have surgery nor lose her ovary, she asked me if there was anything we could do with Nutrition Response Testing to help. My answer was: absolutely yes.

Upon testing, we gave the body all the tools it needed to move the healing process along as quickly as possible. As we worked together over the course of the next six weeks, she reported to me that she was feeling better and experiencing less pain with her cycle. Not only that, but through balancing the entire body, her blood pressure went down, her anxiety waned and her digestion improved. When she had her second ultrasound six weeks later, the cyst has shrunk from 5mm to 1.2mm in size! She was cleared by her M.D to no longer need surgery. She was thrilled to have healed naturally.

As a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner, I see incredible stories like this all the time. Because of the limitations of our current medical model, many people think that when given a medical diagnosis’ like: ovarian cysts, infertility, hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis they don’t have options; the truth is they do. Symptoms (like mentioned above) are merely the body communicating to us that is it out of balance. With dietary adjustments and proper supplementation the imbalances can be corrected safely and naturally.

If you (or someone you know) are dealing with symptoms of imbalance, schedule an appointment with me today. I am a Naturopath as well as a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner and work extensively with women of all ages who suffer from hormonal imbalances. Having suffered my own hormonal imbalance, I understand first hand how important this topic is and enjoy helping others regain their health.

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