Green Smoothie

Fresh organic green smoothie with salad apple cucumber pineapple and lemon as healthy drink

What is it?

The green smoothie or green drink is a blender drink of live food packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Blending greens as well as fruits and other vegetables liberates 92-94% of the vitamins and minerals—creating instant usable nutrition. Chewing on the other hand only liberates 2-6% of the vitamins and minerals—hard work for little pay!

How do I make it?


Handful of greens
One-two cups of water (filtered clean water is best)
Fruit of your choice (one piece of fruit or 1/4 – 1/2 cup berries)
2-3 scoops of plain organic whole milk yogurt OR an avocado (1/4 to 1/2)
Blend for a minute and enjoy!

Step 1: Simply toss a handful of fresh greens in a blender
Step 2: Add a few scoops of organic whole milk yogurt (for a dairy free option use an avocado)
Step 3: Add your favorite fruit (always use fresh or frozen)
Step 4: Add one cup or so of water and blend!

*Please note, do not add sugar or table salt.


Good Options for Green Blender Drinks:

Kale, Spinach, leaf lettuce, collards—all are good sources of chlorophyll and minerals like calcium and iron (spinach is high in oxalic acid—use sparingly if you have acid problems or joint issues like arthritis and gout)

Parsley and asparagus are good cleansers and mild diuretics as well as mild laxatives—good for the kidneys, bladder and lymphatic system

Cilantro is great for pulling toxins from the system, especially heavy metals

Fresh oregano, thyme and basil are good for the immune system and help keep parasites at bay (basil is also great for hormonal balance)

Cucumber is hydrating

Celery and bok choi are good sources of naturally occurring sodium

Pineapple is high in enzymes

Apples bind with toxins in the intestines and helps remove them from the system

Melons are high in vitamins, minerals and enzymes—cantaloupe and honeydew are high in naturally occurring sodium

Blueberries are high in purple pigments, antioxidants—good for night vision, rivals cranberry for bladder support

Cherries are high in antioxidant and silica—helps with joint function and immune support

Apricots, peaches, nectarines and plums are all good sources of magnesium and vitamin A; good for immune support and proper bowl function; helps relax the body

Lemons with the peel are high in minerals, vitamin C, balances pH and supports liver function

Dried, unrefined (unsweetened) coconut—great for the immune system, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and high in lauric acid

Nutritional yeast is full of amino acids, b vitamins and is high in RNA, *please note, nutritional yeast is different than dry yeast and does not promote fungus in the body

Flax seeds or chia seeds are a great way to add more good fat into your diet. Both are anti-inflammatory, high in fiber and will keep you satiated longer!

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